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Call For Papers - We need you!

This is THE CONF 2.0 and we are opening the eyes of the world to Latin American professionals.

Last year's event was a huge success. We've managed to showcase many developers in world-wide scale, but our work is not done yet.

Our host Fabio Akita is once more trying to reach the best programmers and technologists in our continent. Did you think the special care of the past 9 years of Rubyconf Brazil were over?

We are amazing, and we've proven ourselves over and over in the past: Elixir and Lua were born and raised in Brazil. Their cousin Crystal was born in Argentina. A key developer for the Mono Runtime is brazilian. And countless other brazilians and south americans went far, benefitting people around the world. Yet, most are still unrecognized world-wide.

This is where THE CONF comes in. Our's is the very first brazilian technology event completely in English, so other countries can watch and learn. InfoQ Brasil , our strong allie, was fundamental in expanding our reach. Last year's edition was available to the whole world thanks to them. And this year, it shall not be different.

It's time for the world to get to know us.

You already know the place: Rebouças Convention Center (São Paulo, Brazil) and the dates are confirmed for September, 21 and 22. What are you waiting for?

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This is NOT a web or mobile restricted conference. You can be from the fintech or biotech sectors, data sciences, AI and machine learning, gaming engines, doing C, Rust, F#, Haskell, anything. We welcome the best programmers that are doing hands-on work, delivering actual working code in any field and any language. If it's cool technology from Latin America, we want to hear you.

As last year, the only mandatory requirements are that you're a hands on programmer talking about your own work (so, no commercial sales pitches, and similar), and you must present it in English (do not worry about accent).

This Call for Papers will remain open until the end of May. You can send partial proposals and keep editing it until the closing date. The selection will be available in the official website that should be online until early-July.

So Don't Panic , and submit your proposals today!